During the interview process employers will learn about your communication skills, your ability to present your experience and achievements in a precise manner, and your interest in the organization and its work. The key to a successful interview is preparation, including both research and practice.

You have two primary goals during the interview. First you need to determine whether this employer meets your career goals and objectives. Second, you need to make the interviewer aware of your unique qualities, interests, and skills. Employers prefer candidates who:

  • Have thoroughly researched the employer and know why the employer and its work interest them
  • Exhibit leadership
  • Demonstrate good judgment and intellectual ability
  • Are problem solvers
  • ​Take an active part in the interview and are positive and enthusiastic

Yale Law School is committed to ensuring that its students receive fair treatment from employers who use its placement services, and that the law school, its students and employers act in good faith in the recruiting and hiring process. Please review NALP's Principles for a Fair and Ethical Recruitment Process, Yale Law School Placement Policies and Regulations (PDF) and CDO's Recruting Policies prior to embarking on the interview process.