Akshat AgarwalAkshat Agarwal is a J.S.D. candidate and Tutor in Law at Yale Law School, where he obtained his LL.M. degree in 2022. Before coming to Yale, Akshat worked with one of India’s leading think tanks, where he advised national and local governments, collaborated closely with civil society organizations, and led independent research projects in areas ranging from public health, privacy, gender & sexuality, and federalism.

Akshat’s academic interests lie at the intersections of public law, family law, healthcare, and gender & sexuality. His J.S.D. dissertation focuses on the interaction between constitutional law and family law in diverse jurisdictions of the Global North and the Global South. He seeks to understand and theorize how constitutional law concepts such as equality and rights interact with family law interests and policy objectives in the everyday practice of family law.

Akshat’s research has been published in both peer-reviewed journals and popular media outlets. His most recent publication in the Indian Law Review explores the various paths to marriage equality in India.

Doctoral Committee
Professors Douglas NeJaime (chair), Anne Alstott (reader), and Samuel Moyn (reader)

LL.M., Yale Law School, 2022
B.A., LL.B. (Hons), National Law School of India University, Bengaluru, India, 2017