Fernando Loayza Jordán


Fernando Loayza Jordán

Fernando Loayza Jordán is a J.S.D. candidate at Yale Law School, where he served as a Tutor in Law, and a Lecturer at Yale College, where he teaches a course on tax and democracy. He holds a Master of Laws degree from the Yale Law School and a Law degree from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), where he graduated summa cum laude. 
He started his career in private practice, working several years in tax consulting. After leaving private practice, he worked as an independent consultant in tax and policy issues and as a researcher for the Tax Justice Network. He has served as a Lecturer at PUCP and Universidad del Pacífico and is currently an Associate Professor of Law at Jindal Global Law School (on leave).
His thesis dissertation explores the interaction between citizenship, democracy, and taxation. His work analyzes the shortcomings of the slogan "no taxation without representation" as a paradigm for understanding the relationship between democracy and taxation. It explores how to rebuild the concept of tax citizenship and its relationship with democracy. His research areas include Theories of Democracy, Constitutions, Taxation, Law and Political Economy, and Public Policy.

Doctoral Committee
Daniel Markovits (chair), Amy Kapczynski, and Samuel Moyn

LL.M., Yale Law School (2020)
LL.B., Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (2016)

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