J.S.D. Admission

A successful J.S.D. applicant must have achieved high standing in earning the LL.M. degree at Yale Law School and show promise of producing superior scholarship. Admission to the J.S.D. program is highly selective; it does not follow automatically from the award of the LL.M. degree, but rests entirely on the Graduate Admissions Committee's independent judgment of an applicant's qualifications. The Yale LL.M. degree must ordinarily have been awarded within the five years preceding the student’s J.S.D. application.

Please refer to the Yale Law School Bulletin for complete admissions policies.

While admission to the J.S.D. program does not carry with it a commitment of financial support, financial aid is awarded based on demonstrated financial need, and the extent and conditions of any support will be individually arranged. Need-based support will be provided to all eligible students for a maximum period of two academic years (four terms) in residence. A need-based, summer stipend for up to three summers may be provided to support full-time work on the dissertation in New Haven.  Students who have completed two years in residence may apply for an additional nine months of need-based financial aid, which will be awarded annually on a competitive basis.