Emilia Jocelyn-Holt

Emilia Jocelyn-Holt

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Emilia Jocelyn-Holt is a J.S.D. candidate at Yale Law School, where she completed her LL.M. degree in 2019 with the support of both Fulbright and Becas Chile scholarships. Emilia earned her law degree at the Universidad de Chile. She is a full-time research scholar and lecturer at the Universidad de Santiago de Chile, where she has taught Philosophical Foundations of Law before coming to Yale. During 2016 and 2017, she also taught a course on law and literature at the Universidad de Chile Law Faculty.

She has published two books. In Del caos al imperio del Derecho. La búsqueda de la justicia en Shakespeare (Santiago de Chile, Rubicón Editores, 2018), Emilia studied the concept of law and justice in Shakespeare’s tragedies. She also co-edited Ficciones Jurídicas. Derecho y literatura en Chile (Santiago de Chile, Rubicón Editores, 2019), the first contributed volume on law and literature in Chile.

Emilia’s academic interests lie at the intersection of law and humanities, specially the relation between law and literature as well as law and philosophy. Her dissertation studies Dante Alighieri’s notion of justice.

Doctoral Committee
Professors Anthony T. Kronman (chair), Paul W. Kahn (reader), Samuel Moyn (reader), and John Fabian Witt (reader).
Additionally, professor Giuseppe Mazzotta from the Department of Italian Language and Literature acts as an independent advisor.

LL.M., Yale Law School (2019)
LL.B. [Licenciada en Derecho], summa cum laude, Universidad de Chile (2016)

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