Robert M. Cover Fellowship in the Veterans Legal Services Clinic

About the Fellowship

Robert M. Cover Fellowship in Public Interest Law is a two-year Fellowship, with a third-year option, designed for lawyers with at least three years of practice who are considering a career in law school teaching. The Fellow will teach, supervise students, and handle client matters in the Veterans Legal Services Clinic ("VLSC"). The Fellow's responsibilities include representing VLSC clients, supervising students, assisting in teaching VLSC classes, and working on one's own scholarship. In addition, the Fellow may be asked to co-teach a section of a half-semester experimental program for first-year students, Introduction to Legal Research and Writing.  Candidates must be prepared to apply for admission to the Connecticut bar.  (Candidates may qualify for admission without examination.) All work will be conducted with the support of the clinical faculty, and will focus on providing legal assistance to low-income and civil rights clients and organizations. The principal supervisor for the position is Professor Michael Wishnie.

The current Fellow is Natalia N. Friedlander.