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Apr 19
@YaleLawSch - we're about to get started in Sterling 120!!! 🧨🧨🤯 https://t.co/Efww9rwE9t
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Apr 19
RT @RaulACarrillo: Today at noon! If you're @YaleLawSch (or in New Haven), come hear @corinneblalock's lecture on LPE & legal theory!! SLB 120. There's even free food! https://t.co/2gt5lOWA5w
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Apr 19
RT @corinneblalock: I am talking about LPE today at noon at YLS and this time it's not my usual join-us spiel but instead thinking about LPE as a new paradigm for legal theory!! If you are in New Haven, come 🤓 !! https://t.co/Oo3oE4DDkV

About Us

Law and Political Economy (LPE) at Yale is the intellectual home for consideration of questions of political economy at Yale Law School, and supports an interdisciplinary network of scholars who explore connections between politics and the economy, through teaching, scholarship, workshops, and convenings.

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LPE Yale
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LPE Events

The Future of Worker Power: Labor Organizing and Labor Law at a Crossroads

Oct. 18: Join us as we convene key leaders in labor organizing with academics to ask: why are we seeing an upsurge in organizing now? Panelists will include Sara Nelson (Association of Flight Attendants-CWA), Lorena Lopez (UNITE HERE Local 11), Eric Blanc (Rutgers University), and Charles Du (SEIU 32BJ). Gabriel Winant (University of Chicago) will moderate.

Rewriting the Economy: Race, Gender, and Economy in LPE

Sept. 22: Please join us as Abbye Atkinson, Veena Dubal, and Amy Kapczynski, three LPE scholars in different fields (consumer finance law; labor law; and intellectual property and health law, respectively) discuss different ways to incorporate race and gender into LPE work.

Talha Syed: The Law & Political Economy of Torts

Sept. 16: The prevailing modes of analyzing rights and risks within tort theory and policy have focused on corrective justice (moral philosophy) or social policy (law-and-economics). An LPE approach to tort law offers a fundamentally different view of the subject: as a central arena of social justice. Join us for the next iteration of our LPE 101 series with Professor Talha Syed (UC Berkeley)!

How We Got Founding History So Wrong: From the Taney Court to the Trump Court with Bill Novak

Sept. 2: Professor Bill Novak has just completed a revisionist history of the so-called Lochner era, deconstructing myths of laissez-faire and American anti-statism. Please join us to hear about his early surprising research findings from a historical period we thought we knew so well.

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Taught by Amy Kapczynski, this course examines the relationship between the economy and political life.

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